Online Open House: April 4 - June 9, 2016

When considering projects like Gateway West, the BLM highly values public involvement. There are a number of unique, complex issues involved with this proposed project, and we will continue to rely on public engagement and substantive comments to help us reach a decision on whether to grant a right of way (ROW) on BLM-managed lands for segments 8 and 9.

We look forward to your comments and invite you to attend a public meeting during the comment period. All comments on the Draft Supplemental EIS must be received by June 9, 2016.

All comments submitted will be read and reviewed, but only substantive comments will be used in preparing the Final Supplemental EIS. Substantive comments:

  • Are specific
  • Reference Draft Supplemental EIS pages, sections, chapters or figures
  • Provide new information pertaining to the proposed project (also called “Proposed Action”), an alternative or the analysis
  • Identify a different way to meet the underlying project need
  • Point out a specific flaw in the analysis
  • Suggest alternate methodologies that should be used (including reasons why)
  • Make factual corrections
  • Identify a different source of credible research, which if used in the analysis, could result in different effects